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Sunday, November 29, 2015

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Will my New Talking Glucose Meter Be Covered Under Medicare?

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Medicare Part B provides for coverage of diabetes testing supplies such as the glucose testing meters so a talking glucose testing meter and the blood test strips, the lancet devices and the lancets should be covered. So yes, Medicare Part B should cover your new talking glucose meter if this is the unit you choose to buy. Medicare Part B may require that your doctor stipulate or verify that you indeed require a talking glucose meter and that you are blind or are losing your sight. If you are going blind from diabetes related reasons, Medicare Part B may require this verification also. Paid Stamp Image

Your doctor may have to get approval for a talking glucose meter but it is doubtful Medicare Part B would deny this coverage for a talking glucose meter. After all, it is the daily testing of the blood sugar levels that helps the diabetic keep their blood sugar levels in check. A talking glucose meter would also assist your doctor to see a continued test history when he downloads this from your meter.

Since Medicare Part B does not have a gap in coverage once a certain dollar amount is reached like under Medicare Part D you always will be covered for a glucose testing meter, even if it is a talking glucose meter.

When you are considering a talking glucose meter you should get information on all of the audible meters available because some of them will be easier to use then others. One of the more difficult things a person who cannot see does is getting the blood to the meter so if possible you should choose one that it is easy to get the meter to the blood. This is especially true if you are newly sight impaired and still have to learn your way around.


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